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What is a Booking Bet? How to Bet on Yellow and Red Cards for Money

Have you ever been curious about booking bets when participating in football betting? The special thing about this type of bet is that it doesn't depend on the final score of the match. Instead, it focuses on foul situations on the field. Many bettors are drawn to this type of bet because of its excitement and unpredictability. Let's explore and equip ourselves with extensive knowledge asian handicap tips today about booking bets through the following article with Wintips.

Understanding Booking Bets

Booking bets in football betting are not just about predicting the number of goals scored but also about the agility and alertness of referees when issuing yellow or red cards to players.

Quite similar to the over/under goals bet, you will base your bet on the number of cards that the referee uses in the match. If you feel that there will be more foul situations in the match than what the bookmakers predict, you can choose the over option. Conversely, if you think the match will be played in a peaceful manner, choose the under option.

Note that every situation on the field, from a minor collision to a serious foul, can affect your decision. This is what makes booking bets attractive and exciting!

Detailed Guide on How to Read Booking Odds

To succeed in placing booking bets, understanding how to read the odds is an essential factor that cannot be overlooked. When participating in football betting, shaping a good strategy will depend on your knowledge of betting odds.

In the Asian handicap betting market, sometimes the strong team will give a certain number of points to the weaker team. Depending on the first half or the full match, the handicap ratio may vary, but the scoring system based on yellow and red cards remains the same.

Basically, each yellow card is worth 1 point, while a red card is worth 2 points. For example:

If a team receives 3 yellow cards, the total points are 3.

With 1 red card, the team will have 2 points.

If a team receives 2 yellow cards, the total points will be 4 because 2 yellow cards are considered equivalent to a red card.

Common Types of Booking Bet

Placing bets on booking has become much more diverse than before. With many exciting betting options, players have more attractive choices. Below are some interesting types of bets you can consider:

Bet on the number of yellow cards in the first half.

Bet on whether a red card will appear in the first half.

Bet on the total number of yellow cards in the entire match.

Predict whether there will be red cards in the entire match.

Choose the team to receive the first booking in the match.

Predict which team will receive the last yellow or red card in the match.

Bet on over/under based on the number of yellow or red cards in the entire match.

Bet on over/under based on the number of yellow or red cards only in the first half.

Place bets on the total number of cards received, whether they will be even or odd, applied to the entire match or only the first half.

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How to Calculate Bet Amount for Yellow Card Betting

To understand how to calculate the payout when participating in yellow card betting in football, you need to know some basic principles. When you place a bet and win, the amount you will receive is calculated by multiplying the amount you bet (initial stake) by the odds ratio provided by the bookmaker.

The formula for calculating the payout is as follows:

Payout = Amount you bet x Odds ratio of the yellow card bet.

To understand this better, let's look at a real-life example:

Suppose you decide to participate in an over/under bet on the total number of cards in the match between Denmark and Wales in the round of 16 of EURO 2020 based on information from the bookmaker. You will have two options to bet on:

Bet on yellow cards in the first half

Over/Under Odds: 1.0

Winning odds if choosing Over: 0.78

Winning odds if choosing Under: -0.96

Bet on the total number of yellow cards in the entire match

Over/Under Odds: 3.0

Winning odds if choosing Over: 0.67

Winning odds if choosing Under: -0.85

Let's assume you choose to bet on over for the total yellow and red cards for the entire match, and the match ends with 4 yellow cards drawn for both teams:

If you choose Over: When you win, the payout will be the amount you bet multiplied by 0.67.

If you choose Under: Unfortunately, you will lose the entire amount of your bet.

Other Considerations when Playing Yellow Card Bets

Here are some important points to remember when participating in yellow card betting to optimize your chances:

The decision time for yellow cards includes the official 90 minutes of the match plus stoppage time.

Only players actively participating on the field can receive yellow or red cards.

A player can receive a maximum of 3 cards in one match.

Only the cards decided by the main referee of the match are counted in the bet.

Secrets to Winning Yellow Card Bets

To become a master in football yellow card betting, you need not only basic knowledge of reading odds but also to apply intelligent strategies. Here are some unique secrets you shouldn't overlook:

Understand the team's tactics

The situation on the field greatly influences the probability of yellow cards. A team inclined towards attack often presses and exerts force, creating opportunities but also leading players to commit fouls. Understanding tactics deeply will help you predict when yellow or red cards are likely to appear.

Analyze the nature of the match

A derby match is often fiery and intense. When two teams fiercely compete, the number of yellow cards usually surges. Besides, identifying the character and form of play of each player also helps you make more accurate predictions.

Observe players' playing habits

Which players frequently use tricks or play dirty? Pay special attention to these players, as they are often the "victims" of situations leading to cards. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be more confident in making betting decisions.

Choose reputable bookmakers

To experience the best betting, the first thing you need to do is find a reputable bookmaker. This not only ensures your rights but also helps you get accurate information and updates quickly.


To become a master in betting on football yellow cards, you need betting tips website not only advice from experts but also patience for research and smart financial management. Only with diligence and intelligent strategy can you beat the bookmakers every time you place a bet.


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