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  • COVID-19 Guidelines?
    To ensure that we provide a safe enviroment during sessions and classes. Coachville requires that staff and participants follow CDC and state guidelines. Before each session begins, everyone must recieve a temperature check and answer a breif COVID-form.
  • Can I build or create my own class?
    The answer is yes! Weather you wish to have a 1 on 1 class or a large group class. We will do find the perfect instructor near you. Your first session is a free trial! Why not give it a try! Contact us via phone or email and someone will get back to you for further informartion.
  • Can I modify the time, location or instructor of my class?"
    The answer is yes! your first session with your instructor or sport is a trial class for both you and the instructor. This will help to determine if the coach is a good match to your needs. Times and location will also be changeable if a coach is available at the requested times. Note, that ceratin request may requiere a few day for coachville to resolve. Thank you. please contact us at
  • What happens if my child gets injured during a lesson?
    Though we strive to limit injuries by providing a physically safe enviroment it can still happen. You have nothing to worry we provide our students and players with medical insurance. The safety and the well being of our clients are our first priority.
  • Who teaches with coachville?
    Instructors or coaches are hired based on their experience and expertise. Instructors are also registered state coaches or physical education teachers.
  • How can I join the team?
    We at coachville strive to have the best team of intructors in a multitude of sports. We offer schedule flexibility as well as great pay for your time. If you believe you have what it takes send us your resume at our email and we will contact you.
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